Facebook Can… Cause Death?

(Telegraph) Facebook increasingly implicated in divorce

For most people, Facebook is a harmless way to keep in touch with friends and family.

But flirtations on the social networking site are now becoming a major factor in marriage breakdowns. Family lawyers have revealed that the problem has become so great that almost every divorce they have dealt with in the past year has involved the website.

One expert said she had dealt with 30 cases in the last nine months and Facebook had been implicated in them all. Whilst another online law company said one in five of their divorce petitions in the past year contain references to Facebook.

Emma Patel, the head of family law at Hart Scales & Hodges Solicitors, said the site acted like a “virtual third party” in splits. “Facebook is being blamed for an increasing number of marital breakdowns, and it is quite remarkable that all the petitions that I have seen here since May have cited Facebook one way or another,” she said.

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