Do Men Have a Clock Too?

Joke isn't on the women anymore...

(Telegraph) Men have a ticking biological clock too, says study

By , Health Correspondent, in Orlando 12:01AM BST 20 Oct 2011

It’s not just women who have a ticking biological clock, according to a study that has found the chances of men fathering children fall with every passing year once they reach middle age.

Analysis of patients at an infertility clinic found that the chances of a man getting his wife pregnant dropped by 7 per cent each year between the ages of 41 and 45, reducing even more sharply among older men.

The quality of the husband’s sperm was also found to deteriorate with time.

Until now the pressure has been on women to start a family before they turn 40, when the chances of them getting pregnant naturally or artificially start to decline sharply as their reserves of eggs run low and their quality declines.

But experts say that men should not leave it too late either if they want to be sure of having children.

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