Do Afternoon Naps Really Boost Productivity?

download(Telegraph) Bosses should allow staff afternoon naps at work to boost productivity, scientists say

By , Science Correspondent 10:00PM BST 05 Jun 2014

Bosses should let their staff take naps at work as sleeping for 30 to 90 minutes in the afternoon can improve creativity, a leading brain researcher claims

Workers should be allowed naps in the afternoon and encouraged to clock-in whenever they want, to encourage a more creative and productive workforce, an academic has suggested.

Vincent Walsh, professor of human brain research at University College London, said people have become ‘obsessed’ with sleeping only during the night.

But he claims that humans have only adopted long night time sleep patterns since the industrial revolution and believes it may be damaging our ability to think creatively.

He said a nap of between 30 and 90 minutes in the afternoon could help companies improve productivity.

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