Can You Get Jailed For Stealing a Password?

Does being a suspicious spouse make you a hacker?

(Telegraph) Husband facing five years in jail after hacking wife’s email

A husband who suspected his wife was having an affair faces up to five years in jail after reading her emails without her permission. Leon Walker has been charged under anti-hacking laws aimed at preventing identity theft in the US. The 33-year-old had suspected his wife Clara, who had been married twice before was having an affair with her former husband.

He is alleged to have used his computer skills to gain access to her Gmail email account on the shared home computer. Mr Walker discovered a series of emails which confirmed his suspicions that his wife was cheating on him.

With nearly half US divorce cases involving some form of privacy invasion such as the reading of text messages or social networking web pages, the case could have significant legal repercussions.

As her second husband had previously been arrested for beating her in front of her son, Walker handed the emails over to the boy’s father. The concerned father, Clara’s first husband, sought sole custody of the boy and was forced into revealing Walker had leaked him the emails.

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