Can the Internet Make Everything DIY?

Do It Yourself. If you want something done then... let the Internet do it for you!

(Telegraph) Self publishing writer becomes million seller

An entrepreneur has turned the writing world upside down by becoming the first author to sell more than a million electronic books without a publishing deal.

John Locke, 60, who publishes and promotes his own work, enjoys sales figures close to such literary luminaries as Stieg Larsson, James Patterson and Michael Connelly.

But unlike these heavyweights of the writing world, he has achieved it without the help of an agent or publicist – and with virtually no marketing budget.

Instead the DIY novelist has relied on word of mouth and a growing army of fans of his crime and western novellas that he has built up online thanks to a website and twitter account.

His remarkable achievement is being hailed as a milestone of the internet age and the beginning of a revolution in the way that books are sold.

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