Can Monkeys Reproduce Shakespeare By Chance?

You thought this experiment is bizarre? In an even madder one, Warren Thomas, the director of Lincoln Park Zoo in Oklahoma City injected an elephant with a giant syringe full of LSD to determine whether it would trigger a temporary form of madness called musth, in which male elephants become aggressive. An hour later, his target, a 14-year-old male called Tusko keeled over stone dead. Click here to read more bizarre experiments.

(Telegraph) Monkeys at typewriters ‘close to reproducing Shakespeare’

Millions of virtual monkeys have almost typed out the entire works of Shakespeare by bashing random keys on simulated typewriters.

The virtual monkeys, created by an American programmer, have already typed up the whole of the poem A Lover’s Complaint and are 99.99 per cent of the way through the Bard’s complete works.

The experiment attempts to prove the theory that an infinite number of monkeys sitting at an infinite number of typewriters would eventually reproduce the works of Shakespeare by chance.

Jesse Anderson, the programmer behind the project, said he was inspired by an episode of The Simpsons which spoofs the famous problem.

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