Can Facebook Be Your Pimp?

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(The Independent) Facebook provides shop window for NY sex workers

Website helps women to break free of pimps and is now the second biggest source of new customers

It certainly gives a fresh meaning to the verb “poke.” Facebook is revolutionising the world’s oldest profession, putting traditional pimps out of business and helping “high-end” prostitutes drive a boom in the luxury end of the industry, a new survey shows.

Research by Columbia University shows almost 80 per cent of New York prostitutes now use a Facebook page to drum up business. The average sex worker uses the social networking site to find a quarter of all her clients, making it more important than any other source of new customers apart from escort agencies.

Prostitutes regard the internet as a tool of empowerment, allowing them to vet potential clients and set their own prices without pimps or other intermediaries who would demand a cut and try to control the prostitute’s lives. Rather than standing on a street corner waiting for a car to stop, the modern sex worker is likely to set up a rendezvous with the help of an iPhone or BlackBerry.

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