Body of American Obsessed with the Queen Found Near Buckingham Palace

The obsession with the bland Pippa is painful enough... but now the Queen? Really?

(Slate) Corpse of American Found Near Buckingham Palace

By Greg Howard | Posted Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011, at 11:39 AM ET

Authorities say that Robert James Moore was obsessed with the Queen of England and had sent her “strange and offensive” packages.

The decaying body of an American said to be obsessed with the Queen of England was found near Buckingham Palace earlier this year, British authorities revealed this week.

The Telegraph reports that the body of Robert James Moore was found by a gardener on an island in St. James’s Park in March – roughly three years after the man is believed to have died.

A gardener uncovered Moore’s skeleton along with some vodka bottlers and a decaying yellow cushion on West Island, a small, tree-covered strip only about 100 yards from the entrance to Buckingham Palace.


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