You Need To Sleep On It To Learn

sleep-on-books-1.10.12(Telegraph) Getting enough sleep is key to exam success, research says

By Josie Gurney-Read 12:38PM BST 17 Apr 2015

According to new research, sleep is key to effective learning, while cramming many topics before an exam doesn’t give learners a chance to consolidate information

A good night’s sleep may not be high on the agenda for students across the country but, according to new research, it could be key to successful learning.

Academics from the Department of Psychology at Royal Holloway University found that learners were able to remember and consolidate material more effectively having slept on the new information.

The research also suggested that learning material in stages and getting enough sleep inbetween sessions, meant students were better able to make connections and remember information, putting paid to the belief that ‘cramming’ before an exam is an effective means of revision.

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