Why Do Women Fake It?

Do you remember the episode when Elaine told Jerry she was faking it?

(Telegraph) Women fake orgasms due to fears that men will cheat

By Andy Bloxham

6:00AM GMT 24 Nov 2011

Women fake orgasms because they are worried that their lover will be unfaithful, scientists have concluded.

They also found that the more often a woman fakes her sexual climax, the more successful she is in keeping her man.

Researchers in the United States questioned 453 heterosexual women between 18 and 46 in committed relationships which had lasted a minimum of six months.

More than half of the women (53.9%) reported having pretended to reach orgasm with their current partner.

The scientists noted that “women who perceived higher risk of partner infidelity were more likely to pretend orgasm”.

They also found that a woman who had faked an orgasm at some point was more likely to develop suspicions about their partners’ fidelity than a woman who had never done so.

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Do you remember this scene?

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