Why are Moody Men ‘more attractive’ ?

Even our obsession with Snooki is more understandable than why women prefer moody men…

(Telegraph) Moody men ‘more attractive’ than happy men

Happy men don’t get the girl because women find moody looking men far more attractive, according to scientific research.

The study suggests that flashing a ‘winning smile’ is not the way to a woman’s heart.

Indeed, men who swagger or look gloomy are much more likely to get pulses racing.

The surprising findings may help to explain the enduring appeal of ‘bad boys’.

Experts say the findings indicate that smiling men do not appear to be as strong, powerful or masculine as those who glower or who seem arrogant.

In contrast, men are far more attracted to happy, smiling women. It is suggested this is because men prefer more approachable, submissive women.

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