Were You Born a “Yes Man”?

Lloyd: You know I don't like to lie, Ari. Ari Gold: Lloyd, be a man. Or as much of a man as you can possibly be for god $£@!**! sakes.

(Telegraph) Yes men are born, new research suggests

Some people are born “yes men” according to new research which shows they have genes which makes them more likely to follow instructions.

Researchers found coming to a decision often involves listening to two parts of the brain – one that relies on taking advice and the other on experience. The brain weighs up the often opposing views and then comes to a decision to take an action.

But the researchers at Brown University in Rhode Island discovered that some people have genes that skew the decision towards one part of the brain than other.

They discovered the DARPP-32 genetic variation meant that individuals are more likely to do what he or she is told, even when it is contradicted by experience.

The gene means that like “a “yes man, who is flexible to a fault, the brain is more likely to be influenced by what it is told than what its experience tells it,” the report said.

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