Men Dream of Natural Disasters… Women Have Nightmares About Relationships

6D678F71-32FA-4FCC-8A346C36E6BA0D74(Telegraph) Dreams: the gender divide in the dead of night

By , Science Correspondent 11:59PM GMT 01 Feb 2014

The debate may still rage about whether men and women think differently in the day, but it appears that in sleep we dream separate dreams.

In the most comprehensive study of bad dreams to date, researchers found men were more likely to have nightmares about catastrophes such as flooding and earthquakes or being chased by swarms of insects.

Women have terrifying dreams about social conflicts and relationships, fearing heartbreak or lost friendships, rather than physical harm.

Dr Genevieve Robert, a psychologist at the University of Montreal, said that men’s nightmares were more likely to contain “themes of disaster and calamity”.

Meanwhile, “dreams of interpersonal conflicts may elicit a more intense emotional response in women, leading to a greater proportion of such dreams ending in nightmare awakening.”

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