Is There A New Body Part For Women To Hate?

paper-kardashian_3103452b(Telegraph) Women! There’s a new body part for you to hate (clue: it’s internal)

By  11:38AM GMT 05 Mar 2015

As if the female sex wasn’t under enough body pressure, a new study has come up with another unattainable body part for women: a 45 degree spine

You’d think there weren’t any areas of our bodies left for women to perfect.

We know about ideal boobs, bums and legs – let alone the thigh gapanti-cankles and even the pudendum (thanks Sports Illustrated).

But now men have come up with another attribute every woman should have: a curved spine.

That’s right – an internal body part to worry about.

A group of scientists from the University of Texas decided to make women feel worse about themselves by showing more than 100 men a series of female silhouettes and asking them to rank each one by attractiveness.

The images all depicted women with differing spinal curvature, and one spine beat all the others.

Spines which met the backside at a 45 degree angle were considered optimal by the men.

Why? Evolution. Apparently males wanted a mate who could walk upright, and so when bipedal women were pregnant, their spines started to curve via evolution.

“Men who preferred and selected these women as mates would have gained key fitness benefits,” explained the scientists in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour.

That’s all very well for those men, but it’s not exactly what women want to hear.

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