Is The ‘Thatcher gene’ The Key To Needing Less Sleep?

Margaret+Thatcher+1979(Telegraph) ‘Thatcher gene’ is key to needing less sleep

By , Science Correspondent 3:30PM BST 01 Aug 2014

Scientists have discovered a ‘Thatcher gene’ which allows people to survive on far less sleep than is recommended

Margaret Thatcher famously survived on just four hours of sleep a night and now scientists may have found the source of her extraordinary ability.

Researchers have discovered that a gene variant allows some people to function normally on far less sleep than is recommended.

Baroness Thatcher would regularly keep officials up working until the early hours of the morning, but then would insist on getting up to listen to Farming Today, her press secretary Sir Bernard Ingham has said previously,

Her indefatigability impressed and frustrated her entourage in equal measure, with husband Denis was once heard to snap: “Woman – bed!”

Although many attributed Baroness Thatcher’s 20 hour days to her passion for the job – Sir Winston Churchill also survived on just four hours a night during the war – new research suggests she may have had some genetic help.

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