Is Metacognition The Key To Success?

thinker-brain_in_hand-735755(Psychology and Society) Metacognition

An important type of learning is learning about our own thought or cognitive processes.  This reflects metacognition.  What is metacognition?

Metacognition Definition:
Metacognition is the understanding and awareness of one’s own mental or cognitive processes.

Metacognition Examples:

There are many possible examples of metacognition.  These examples may help to gain a better understanding of the concept.  Below are some examples of metacognition:

1.  A person learns about his or her own style of learning.

2.  A person learns about what things help him or her to remember facts, names, and events.

3.  A person becomes aware of his or her own biases in judging others.

4.  A person learns about what strategies are the most effective in solving certain problems.

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