Is It In Your Interest To Let Your Partner’s Eye Wander?

Just make sure you're discreet!

(Time Healthland) The Case for Letting Your Partner’s Eye Wander

By MEREDITH MELNICK@meredithcmApril 11, 2011

Just ask Eve. There’s nothing so desirable as the one thing you’re not allowed to have. Which is why a new study suggests that if your partner’s got a wandering eye, you might be better off letting him (or her) enjoy it.

Research on romance has consistently shown that men and women who don’t notice attractive strangers tend to be more satisfied in their own relationships and are more likely to stay with their partners long term. Of course, that blindness has to come naturally. When a person is forced to divert his attention from that cute bartender — by, say, a jealous partner’s opprobrium — it could result in a sort of “backlash” effect, which may end up reducing his level of relationship commitment. (More on Does Your Partner Hold Grudges? Blame It on His Mother)

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