Is Crying a Turn Off?

Paris Hilton was literally bawling as she was arrested and taken back to court.

(Telegraph) Why crying can be a big turn off for men

Women who cry in front of their husbands or lovers may elicit sympathy but they will make themselves less attractive to them, new research suggests.

Scientists have discovered that chemicals or pheromones in tears appear to act as a “turn off” to men and can make them less physically attracted to the person shedding them. Scientists do not know why this is the case but believe it could be an evolutionary throwback to less sophisticated times when crying acted as a deterrent to amorous males at times of turmoil.

Shedding emotional tears, as opposed to tears caused by physical pain, is thought to be a uniquely human ability, the purpose of which is unknown. One reason could be to send out distress signals and this could be chemical as well as visual.

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