Does Knowing Something Will End Make You Enjoy It More?

(Telegraph) Why the last chocolate tastes the best

By  7:48AM GMT 10 Feb 2012

The last chocolate tastes the best because knowing something is set to end makes people enjoy it more, a study has found.

Psychologists discovered that people become “motivated” when they know an experience is about to be completed.

The University of Michigan study found that this led to a person thinking the experience would end happily. The findings, reported in the journal Psychological Science, could add weight to the saying “leaving the best for last”.

“Endings affect us in lots of ways and one is this ‘positivity effect,” said researcher Ed O’Brien, who led the study.

“It is something motivational. You think ‘I might as well reap the benefits of this experience even though it is going to end’ or ‘I want to get something good out of this while I still can’.

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