Does Eating Eggs And Spinach Make You More Generous?

skillet-baked-eggs-with-spinach-yogurt-and-chili-oil-646 (Telegraph) Does eating eggs and spinach make you more generous?

By  3:01PM GMT 02 Feb 2015

Researchers have discovered that tryptophan, a compound found in certain foods, makes people more likely to donate money

When you’re hoping to borrow money off someone, cooking them a nice meal before you get down to business is always a good idea. But choose your ingredients carefully – because it turns out certain foods can make people more generous.

According to a study from Leiden University in the Netherlands, a compound called tryptophan increases people’s willingness to donate money.

The compound, which is commonly found in foods including eggs, fish, cheese and soya, is an amino acid that stimulates the production of feel-good chemical serotonin.

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