Does Being Rich Make You More Narcissistic?

Have you ever seen photos of Paris Hilton's home? It's full of photos of herself. Click here to see more!

Have you ever seen photos of Paris Hilton’s home? It’s full of photos of herself. Click here to see more!

(Time) Wealthy Selfies: How Being Rich Increases Narcissism

By  @maiasz Aug. 20, 2013

The rich really are different — and, apparently more self-absorbed, according to the latest research.

That goes against the conventional wisdom that the more people have, the more they appreciate their obligations to give back to others. Recent studies show, for example, that wealthier people are more likely to cut people off in traffic and to behave unethically in simulated business and charity scenarios. Earlier this year, statistics on charitable giving revealed that while the wealthy donate about 1.3% of their income to charity, the poorest actually give more than twice as much as a proportion of their earnings — 3.2%.

“There’s this idea that the more you have, the less entitled and more grateful you feel; and the less you have, the more you feel you deserve. That’s not what we find,” says author Paul Piff, a psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley. “This seems to be the opposite of noblesse oblige.”

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