The Risk Gene: Can You Become a City Banker?

"I look at a hundred deals a day. I pick one."

(Telegraph) Gene that makes you good at taking risky decisions

Scientists say they have discovered the gene that turns people into City whizzkids. They found those with the variant MAOA-L are able to take more calculated risks than those without the gene. The gene is linked with the brain chemicals serotonin which affects mood such as confidence and dopamine which is involved in decisions.

In a study of 90 young men asked to opt between 140 pairs of monetary gambles carriers of MAOA-L were more likely to live dangerously – but only when there was a clear advantage.

Cary Frydman, of the California Institute of Technology, and colleagues said: “This suggests that MAOA-L carriers perform better in the case of risky financial decision-making since they exhibit an improved ability to select the optimal response when it is advantageous.”

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Is it really all in your genes? Does this put to rest the nature versus nuture debate if your genes have the power to determine whether you will be a drunk, or a liberal, and now if you could become a banker?

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