Do Wealthier Kids Have Bigger Brains?

child-development(Telegraph) Wealthier children have bigger brains, study finds

By Telegraph Reporter 5:55AM BST 20 Apr 2015

Brain scans offer new dimension to the so-called “achievement gap”

Richer pupils achieve higher academic grades because their brains are different, according to research.

Past research has shown pupils from low-income backgrounds fared worse than those from wealthier families.

Brain scans have now offered another dimension to this so-called “achievement gap” by showing richer pupils have thicker brain cortex in areas associated with visual perception and knowledge accumulation. There was a link between the brain anatomy and performance on standardised tests.

John Gabrieli, a professor of brain and cognitive sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said: “Just as you would expect, there’s a real cost to not living in a supportive environment.

“We can see it not only in test scores, in educational attainment, but within the brains of these children.

“To me, it’s a call to action. You want to boost the opportunities for those for whom it doesn’t come easily in their environment.”

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