Do People Who Really Identify With Their Car Drive More Aggressively?

"•People who perceive their car as a reflection of their self-identity are more likely to behave aggressively on the road and break the law."

(ScienceDaily) People Who Really Identify With Their Car Drive More Aggressively, Study Finds

(Oct. 17, 2011)

A new study by a Temple University Fox School of Business professor finds those who view their car as an extension of themselves have stronger aggressive driving tendencies.

The study, “Aggressive Driving: A Consumption Experience,” is thought to be the first to comprehensively examine how personality, attitude and values contribute to aggressive driving behaviors. Driving is one of the most common consumptive behaviors, and aggressive driving causes a third of all accidents that involve personal injuries and two thirds of all fatal accidents in the United States.

“It explains much of the phenomenon we knew existed,” said Ayalla Ruvio, lead author and an assistant professor of marketing. For instance, “we know men tend to be more aggressive drivers and we know men tend to see their cars as an extension of themselves more than women.”

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