Do Men Prefer Women In Red Because They Seem Easier?

(Telegraph) Men prefer women in red because they think they will sleep with them on first date

7:56AM BST 23 Apr 2012

It has long been a colour which is guaranteed to turn heads.

But now researchers believe they have found the real reason why men prefer ladies who wear red. Put simply, they think a scarlet-clad woman is more likely to sleep with them on a first date.

Psychologists who studied 120 male students aged 18 to 21 discovered that most thought choosing to wear red meant a woman had “greater sexual intent” and was more likely to jump into bed with a man than someone who opted for more neutral colours.

They also found that the item of clothing in question does not need to be a revealing top as volunteers were asked to judge a woman’s sexual intent based only on the colour of an ordinary tee-shirt.

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