Do Guys Spend Stupidly When There Are Fewer Potential Women?

You need to flex... one way or the other.

(Time) Study: Guys Spend Stupidly When There Are Fewer Women to Date

By JOSH SANBURN@joshsanburnAugust 10, 2012

Most men tend to do dumb things around women just to get their attention — wearing muscle shirts, flexing in muscle shirts, and lying about their job and marital status while wearing and flexing in muscle shirts, for instance. Add this to the list: spending money on stupid things and taking on credit card debt because they sense there’s a scarcity of ladies in the geographic area.

A new study in the Journal or Personality and Social Psychology analyzed financial data from more than 120 U.S. cities and looked at how many credit cards residents owned and how much debt they had, signs the authors say point to economic impulsivity.

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They found that in cities with sex ratios that were male-biased — meaning there was an over-abundance of dudes — guys’ desire for “immediate gains” increased and resulted in impulsive spending.

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