Can You be Friends With Kim Basinger?

Kim Basinger apparently suffers from SAD, Social Anxiety Disorder. She was so withdrawn as a child, her parents tested her for autism!

(Telegraph) Sociability linked to size of part of brain

Scientists have discovered a part of the brain that seems key to having a wide circle of friends.

An almond shaped area of the brain known as the amygdala deep inside the head can determine how sociable someone is, they believe. Experts have previously found that primates like monkeys and chimpanzees with a bigger amygdala have larger and more complex social groups.

Now they say the same is true for humans, according to research by US psychologists at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Professor Lisa Barrett, who lead the study, said: “We know that primates who live in larger social groups have a larger amygdala, even when controlling for overall brain size and body size. “We considered a single primate species, humans, and found that the amygdala volume positively correlated with the size and complexity of social networks in adult humans.”

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