Can Laughter Make You Smarter?

Did you know that your brain can not differentiate between "fake" and real laughter? There is now such a thing as ‘Laughter Clubs’ where people gather, just to laugh. The idea is that your body will use more oxygen through continuous laughing and nourish all cells and also burn calories. Probably the cheapest way to physical and mental wellbeing?

(Scientific American Mind) Laughter Leads to Insight

Happy moods facilitate aha! moments

Stumped by a crossword puzzle? Try taking a break to watch a funny TV show. Recent research shows that people in a lighthearted mood more often have eureka moments of sudden inspiration.

Karuna Subramaniam, then at Northwestern University, and her colleagues found that boosting the mood of volunteers increased their likelihood of having an aha! moment that helped solve a word associa­­tion puzzle. Those who watched a Robin Williams comedy special did measurably better at the task using insight than those who watched a quantum electronics talk or a scary movie. The games, in which players must find a word that connects three seemingly unrelated words, have been used for decades to demonstrate creative problem solving.

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