Can Being Neurotic Make You Lose Weight?

But the right dose of neurosis can always be slightly attractive...

(Scientific American Mind) A Losing Personality: The Slimming Effect of Being Neurotic

Being neurotic boosts your chances of losing weight—lusting for adventure does not

Numerous biological factors play a role in weight loss, but in recent years psychologists have begun looking at personality traits as critical variables in the dieting equation.

Characteristics often considered detrimental for mental well-being may actually improve a person’s chances of losing weight—and some otherwise positive traits can make dieting an uphill battle.

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Meanwhile, did you know that…

(Daily Mail) Neurotic women ‘more fertile than laid-back peers’, say scientists

Neurotic women are more fertile and have more babies than their laid-back female counterparts, new research revealed yesterday.

The surprising study investigated the link between personality traits and fertility in populations with traditionally high birth rates.

Scientists found that women with higher levels of neuroticism and men who were rated as extrovert were likely to have a significantly higher number of children.

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