Can A ‘Work-hard, play-hard’ Lifestyle Lead To Depression?

Wiz-Khalifa-Work-Hard-Play-Hard-Official-Video(Telegraph) Work-hard, play-hard lifestyles ‘can lead to depression’

By Agency 6:33PM BST 09 Jun 2015

Getting fewer than eight hours sleep a night while of working age increases risk of depression in retirement, study finds

Work-hard, play-hard adults who do not get enough sleep in their prime could end up miserable when they are older, according to new research.

A lack of sleep during their working lives leads to “lower life satisfaction” in old age, said the study by sleep scientists.

In particular, the problem is not getting enough sleep during their “mid-lives” – those years for many when they are rising to the top of their profession and work can take over.

It might not hit them immediately, but a lack of sleep – both in terms of quality and quantity – will come back to haunt them later in life, said the Ohio Northern University Research.

Quantity is the amount of sleep and how often, but quality includes whether or not they have an undisturbed night’s sleep or the time it takes to fall asleep, studies have shown.

The findings, to be presented this week at an international conference of sleep experts in Washington, claim a lack of sleep is often down to worry and anxiety.

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