Are You Your Worst Enemy?

Could you be subconsciously self-sabotaging your success?

A lot of us constantly find ourselves in a position where you think you are working really hard for something – from saving for a car or trying to gain someone’s affection- but time and time again, you fall just short of. It’s actually quite scary to realise but you, in fact, could be the only person in way of that success. Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy. If you have a deep-seeded negative belief that conflicts with a positive experience, you could sabotage your happiness in order to prove that your belief is true. You will unconsciously introduce obstacles into your life that prevent your success.

Here’s what that means: let’s say you were a child with low self-esteem, or were constantly told “You can’t do that.” That perception of yourself- that you were destined to fail- would have then been instilled in your brain. It will embed itself in your brain to become a deep-seated negative belief that will then have trickle-down effects to your life today. So, let’s say you genuinely want to be promoted at work (keeping in mind this engrained stigma in your brain most of us are unaware of) but you constantly miss the opportunity, it could be because you introduce some sort of obstacle to make sure you don’t get that promotion- you self-sabotage. Why? Simply to prove that your belief that you will not succeed is true. Essentially, you destin yourself to an unsuccessful fate!

Can you imagine how this might translate into your personal, love life? A perfect match might be turned away if you have a genuine view that you are not allowed to be happy in love- say, because, your parents are divorced or you have grown up in an environment where love was met with cynicism. So, the next time you find yourself unhappy or unfortunate, make sure you haven’t done it to yourself! Self sabotage means you are acting in destructive ways, and sometimes, knowledge of this behaviour is cure enough.

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