Are Some People Wired To Be Slackers?

(Telegraph) Slackers’ brains ‘are wired to under-achieve’

5:29PM BST 01 May 2012

Lazy people who prefer to live off others may have brains that are wired for under-achievement, a study suggests.

Scientists have identified neural pathways that appear to influence an individual’s willingness to work hard to earn money.

Scans showed differences between ”go-getters” and ”slackers” in three specific areas of the brain.

People prepared to work hard for rewards had more of the nerve signalling chemical dopamine in two brain regions called the striatum and ventromedial prefrontal cortex.

Both are known to play an important role in behaviour-changing reward sensations and motivation.

But ”slackers”, who were less willing to work hard for reward, had higher dopamine levels in the anterior insula. This is a brain region involved in emotion and risk perception.

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