Are Good-looking Women Discriminated Against by Women?

Unless the woman you are hiring is Kim K, women really need to get over this...

(Telegraph) Good-looking women discriminated against by female recruiters

Good looking women are less likely to be recruited if their new employer is female, a new study suggests.

Researchers found that job applications containing an attractive picture received roughly a quarter of the responses of one with a plain picture or no picture at all, if the recruiter was a woman. The researchers believe that the reason is that many human resources women are young and in their 20s and subconsciously they do not like extra competition.

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(Telegraph) Men make quicker but more judgmental decisions

Men really are more decisive than women, claims a study.

Researchers found males make snap all-or-nothing decisions whereas women are more likely to mull over a choice and hedge their bets.

They found there really was a gender gap where men tend to leap to judgments and females see more shades of grey.

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