This Man Just Ran 50 Miles on a Treadmill

jacob-puzey(Competitor) Jacob Puzey Runs a World Record for 50 Miles on a Treadmill

Altra Elite athlete Jacob Puzey ran an average pace of 5:56 per mile to set the new world record for the fastest 50-mile run on a treadmill at The Running Event trade show on Dec. 1 in Orlando, Fla. Puzey finished 50 miles in 4:57:45, shattering the previous record of 5:57:31 by nearly an hour. His en route marathon split time was 2:38.

Fans from all over trade show packed the Altra booth the cheer on Puzey to the new world record. Puzey is an experienced ultrarunner who ran the entire 50 miles in the Altra Paradigm road shoe on a ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill. Puzey stayed hydrated with soft drinks and electrolytes and fueled with potato chips, stopping for a bathroom break only once.

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