The Banana Will Soon Be A Fruit Of The Past?

Banana21(Telegraph) This very popular fruit may soon be wiped out by disease, a new study warns

Your fruit bowl may soon be experiencing a deeply-felt absence

The banana in your fruit bowl may soon be a thing of the past, a new study has warned.

Researchers in the Netherlands have confirmed that the world’s most popular banana is at serious risk from Panama disease – a fungicide-resistant pathogen that has so far spread across South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia.

It is now ‘inevitable’ that the disease will cross into South America, where 82 per cent of the world’s Cavandish bananas are grown.

The Panama Disease fungus that can lay dormant in the soil for up to 30 years. When it finds a host, it interferes with the plant’s vascular system, causing it to die very quickly from dehydration.

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