Michelle Obama’s Face at Inauguration

michelle-obama-large_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bqm37qciwr9ctrqmimdqvx7d0gdkuuvtdu3ozt3t6kjj0(Telegraph) Michelle Obama’s face at inauguration ‘was a barometer for most of America’s feelings’ 

By Chris Graham 

Sometimes a look can say much more than words.

As commentators tried to find the right expressions to describe Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday, social media users believed Michelle Obama’s facial expressions throughout the day said enough.

From the moment the now former first lady was handed a gift in an awkward meeting with the Trumps to when she listened to the new president’s key address, Mrs Obama did not look impressed.

“Throughout the day, Mrs Obama’s face was the barometer for most of America’s feelings,” Trevor Noah said on the Daily Show.

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