IKEA Bans Napping At Its Beijing Store

1353aa7691eebcd5be5f67b24323922783bfd33d(Yahoo) Shut Down the Shut-eye: IKEA Reportedly Bans Napping at its Beijing Store

Sid Lipsey 

IKEA is a haven for DIY shoppers everywhere. But some of its Chinese customers have taken that mentality a bit too far, creating their own personal DIY bedrooms — right there in the store!

Now IKEA is cracking down. Curbed.com is reporting IKEA’s Beijing store is banning sleepy shoppers from napping on its furniture displays.

IKEA and its collection of plush beds and comfy couches has undoubtedly induced shuteye from tired shoppers all over the world (after trying to navigate a typically ginormous IKEA store, many of us could use a little rest).

But Chinese shoppers have taken the IKEA sleeping phenomenon to crazy new heights. According to the South China Morning Post, lounging interlopers would occupy all the beds and couches during a typical shopping day at a Beijing IKEA. The practice became so widespread, Getty Images even did a photo essay.

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