Endurance Running Improves Your Memory And Learning

marathon-646(Telegraph) Why marathon runners are likely to be smarter

By , Science Editor 5:00PM BST 07 Apr 2015

Scientists have discovered that the same bodily process which helps fuel the body efficiently, making running easier, also improves memory and learning.

So endurance runners are likely to also have a knack for remembering.

And it explains why many great thinkers have also been keen sportsman. The cryptographer Alan Turing who cracked the Enigma code could run a marathon in two hours 46 minutes and nearly qualified to represent Britain in the 1948 Olympics.

“This is all about getting energy where it’s needed to ‘the power plants’ in the body,” said Prof Ronald Evans, director of Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California, US.

“The heart and muscles need a surge of energy to carry out exercise and neurons need a surge of energy to form new memories.”

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