American Huntress, Jealous of Cecil The Lion’s Killer’s Popularity

Sabrina-Corgatelli_3395602b(Telegraph) American huntress sparks fury by posting selfie with dead giraffe in South Africa

Sabrina Corgatelli, from Idaho, harnessed the controversy surrounding the death of Zimbabwe’s Cecil the lion to draw attention to her own trophy hunts

Sabrina Corgatelli, who is believed to come from Boise, Idaho, counted down the days on her Facebook profile to the “trip of a lifetime” to a private conservancy 20 kilometres from the country’s iconic Kruger National Park.

Before her trip, she posted a meme of Leonardo DiCaprio on her wall accompanied by the message: “To all the haters. Stay tuned, you’re gonna have so much more to be p***** off about.”

On July 25, just after it emerged that an iconic black-maned lion named Cecil had been killed in Zimbabwe by a foreign hunter – later revealed as Dr Walter Palmer, a US dentist – Miss Corgatelli began to post pictures of her kills.

Her first showed her crouching over the prone form of a massive kudu, a kind of African antelope with a white-striped body and spiralling horns. “Yesterday, day 1 an amazing day!!! Got my beautiful beautiful Kudu!! It was my #1 want on my list and I got him on the first day!!! Loving it there!!”

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