A Parasite Living In Cats Is Making Your Children Less Smart

cute-cat(Telegraph) Parasite in cats linked to learning difficulties in children

By Telegraph reporter 7:59PM BST 01 Jun 2015

Researchers find parasite that grows in guts of cats is linked to reduced memory and reading skills in children

Cats could be making children stupid, according to research that links a parasite carried by the animals with falling reading and memory aptitude in young people.

A study has found performance at school could be affected by Toxoplasma gondii, a single-celled organism that infects about a third of the world’s population and hides in cells in the brain and muscles, often without producing symptoms.

Researchers found the parasite, which grows in the guts of cats and can be spread through contact with faeces, has been linked to reduced memory and reading skills in school-aged children.

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