Did You Know?


Is more contagious among nervous people;an emotionally stable person is more able to suppress the urge to scratch!

14 to 19

Korean eunuchs- castrated men- live 14 to 19 years longer than other men, suggesting that hormones play a role in life span.

1 Billion

The number of people that are hungry worldwide. That’s one in seven of the global population.

Human Scent

Humans are attracted to the scent of people genetically different than them; we have a biological tendency not to commit incest!

5 Months

The average amount of time an average American male spends complaining about his boss. This is about the same amount of time we spend on hold!

Sugar Cube

It’s hard to believe, but since atoms are 99.9999999999999% empty space, all the matter that makes up the human race could fit in a sugar cube!

Below $30

Shares in Facebook have dropped below the $30 mark, making it what could be the most disastrous start to trading of any major flotation in the last decade.


This is how much the ‘surrogate industry’ in India is now worth. Its biggest clients; British women who avoid being pregnant and childbirth, raising fears of a “wombs to rent” culture.


The % of Asian school children that are nearsighted; potentially because they are spending too much time studying indoors and not enough hours in bright sunlight.


Apparently, this is how much a mom’s work is worth annually. The arithmetic is based on the time and value of all the various jobs moms take on, including laundry-machine operator, janitor, van driver, cook, facilities manager, psychologist and CEO (of the entire household).


Is this the best invention ever? This year the Sandwich is turning 250 years old!

1 in 200

Everybody is related to someone famous… 1 in every 200 men are direct descendants of Genghis Kahn!

Twitter and Facebook

Apparently, these are more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol, researchers claim. So… resisting the urge to to check for updates is more difficult than turning down a drink…?


A third of men would sacrifice a year of their life for toned bodies.


This is how much the most expensive tea costs. At $80,000 per kilogram, the tea is fertilized with panda droppings!

7 Billion

On Halloween this year, the world’s population will hit seven billion. Spooky, considering we hit six billion only a little more than a decade ago.


Ancient Greeks came up with this name to describe the stomach sounds of growling, rumbling, gurgling, grumbling and wambling. Do you know why it makes a noise?


The amount of free airfares Japan will offer foreigners to visit the country next year, in an attempt to boost tourism. Would you like one?