X-ray Shows Accidentally Swallowed Scissors


X-rays showed the 9cm long and 4cm wide scissors fully entered esophagus, with the sharp top angling up to the epiglottis. Photo: EUROPICS

Chinese surgeons saved a man’s life after he accidentally swallowed a pair of nail scissors he was using to clean his teeth. These are the astonishing X-rays that show how surgeons saved a man’s life after he cut his throat with a pair of scissors – from the inside.

Lin Kong had borrowed a four-inch-long pair of nail scissors to use instead of a toothpick to clean his teeth after a meal. But as one of his friends told a joke, the 27-year-old laughed and swallowed the clippers. As he tried to cough up the scissors, the points, which were facing upwards, dug deeper into his throat, causing serious damage.

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