Why Are the Buttons on Men’s Shirts on a Different Side to Women’s?

So women needed servants to dress them?

Men’s buttons are traditionally on the right because most people are right-handed, and that is the easiest way to do the buttons up. The same argument accounts for the positioning of ladies’ buttons – so long as they are being done up by a maid, which any lady of means might be expected to employ before the 20th century. Positioning the buttons on the left made things easier for a right-handed servant facing you to do the buttons up and also showed you could afford such a luxury.

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Does everyone blink at roughly the same rate?

No. The average adult blinks once every two to 10 seconds, but babies only blink once or twice a minute. Our blink rates (primarily controlled by the ‘blinking centre’ in the brain) are affected by tiredness, and also by disease. Tourette’s syndrome, for example, is characterised by excessive blinking, while Parkinson’s disease leads to a reduced rate.

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