There is No Place Like Home?

(CNBC) Five Weird But Wonderful Homes

Apart from suburban tract homes, America still has a healthy supply of homes that make you go “hmm.” These are homes with stories to tell and questions to answer — there’s intrigue and mystery.

Bioscleave House Life Extending Villa
Location: East Hampton, New York
Price: $4 million
Bed: 3 Bath: 2 Sq ft: 3,700
Claim to Fame: The first U.S. example of reversible destiny architecture, or “architecture against death”

The Dune House
Location: Atlantic Beach, Florida
Price: $1.4 million
Bed: 2 Bath: 2; Sq. ft: 1500
Claim to Fame: It’s a disco-era house in a dune!

Coral Castle
Location: Miami, Florida
Price: Not on the market
Claim to Fame: Billy Idol’s 1986 hit “Sweet Sixteen” was a tribute to the Coral Castle and its creator, and the video was shot at the Castle.

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