Siri Finds Prostitutes, But Not An Abortion Clinic

This is Jon Briggs, the voice of Siri!

(Telegraph) Apple iPhone search Siri helps users find prostitutes and Viagra but not an abortion

7:00AM GMT 02 Dec 2011

Apple is facing its first major controversy over well-received voice software Siri, after the cutting-edge iPhone search service refused to direct people to abortion services

Siri – one of the most popular features of Apple’s new iPhone 4S – drew the ire of bloggers and the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League when it could not locate abortion clinics when asked.

The service is a voice activated, electronic personal assistant designed to ‘help you do the things you do every day.’

It will direct users to a Chinese restaurant or tell you what time the doctor opens.

However NARAL’s president, Nancy Keenan has complained to Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook that Siri is not providing customers with accurate or complete information about women’s reproductive-health services.

Megan Carpentier, a feminist blogger also discovered this week that users in Washington DC who ask the device where they could get an abortion were directed to anti-abortion crisis centre run by religious groups.

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