Should Carla Bruni Have Worn a Bra?

(Times Online) France’s First Lady has divided opinion by hosting a state dinner wearing a tight Roland Mouret dress and no underwire.

From Carla Bruni to the man who broke back into jail… here are the weirdest news stories of 2010…

– Shoppers at an international luxury fair in Verona, Italy, found a cell-phone-equipped golden coffin among the items on display. The phones will help “the deceased” contact relatives if they have been buried alive by mistake.

Paul the octopus, who shot to fame during this year’s football World Cup for his flawless record in predicting game results, died peacefully in his sleep in an aquarium.

– A Mozambican prisoner who had been released on parole broke back into jail after discovering he didn’t like life on the outside.

A British church held an unusual ceremony when a vicar blessed the mobile phones of 80 workers in the City of London financial district. The idea came from a historic tradition where workers would bring the tools of their trade, like ploughs, to be blessed on the first Monday after people return to work after Christmas.

– A Kuwaiti MP proposed state-aid for male citizens to take second wives, in a bid to reduce the large number of unmarried women in the oil-rich emirate.

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In retrospect, the world in 2010 really was quite quirky. From the sorts of Domino’s offering £19,400 an hour, to the father who castrated his daughter’s boyfriend while he was fully conscious, Iranian hairstyles and NYC cab rules, the new gay coffin, and the Obama sex doll… what’s in store for 2011?

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