Karl Lagerfeld’s Chocolate Hotel… and Toy-boy

A chocolate incarnation of the French Chanel model Baptiste Giabiconi draped seductively on the chocolate bed.

(Telegraph) Karl Lagerfeld’s chocolate toyboy

Karl Lagerfeld’s muse, Baptiste Giabiconi, looks good enough to eat.

Forget intricate embroidery by Lesage, fine feathers by Lemarié and shoes crafted by Massaro; the only material Karl Lagerfeld is working with these days is chocolate, and literally tonnes of it.

Indeed, the ‘hardest-working man in fashion’ has explored the world of haute cocoa as part of his collaboration with Magnum ice cream. Yes, you read that right: ice cream .

Video: Karl Lagerfeld discusses his new look

Not content with directing American actress Rachel Bilson in a series of short films for the choc-ice giant, the creative director of Chanel has turned his gloved hand to designing a hotel suite made entirely of chocolate. Expertly brought to life by master chocolatier and chocolate sculptor Patrick Roger, ‘The Magnum Chocolate Suite’ in Paris contains the ultimate piece de resistance: an edible incarnation of Baptiste Giabiconi, the multi-tasking model and pop star who also happens to be Lagerfeld’s muse.

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