Is Real Estate the Key to Marriage?

So real estate can prevent both marriage and divorce?

(Time) For Love or Real Estate: The Cost of Getting Divorced in China

By Jessie Jiang / Beijing Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011

In China, nothing quite kills the romance like the threat of losing real estate. Last month, the country’s Supreme Court rolled out a new interpretation of China’s Marriage Law that changes the way property disputes are handled after a divorce. Since then, couples across China have been thinking more seriously about tying the knot: in the southwest city of Chongqing alone, marriage registrations fell by 30% in the weeks after the changes were made.

Under the newly redefined law, which took effect on Aug. 13, any property that was purchased before a marriage will no longer be up for negotiation after a divorce; it will belong solely to who bought it or whose name is on the deed. Also, if a house or apartment was purchased by the parents of either the bride or groom, it will revert to that person only, instead of being split between the couple.

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