Father With Post-Natal Depression Kills Daughter

Mark Bruton-Young and his wife Claire.

(Telegraph) Father with ‘post-natal depression’ killed daughter

A father who believed he was suffering from male post-natal depression searched the internet for information on how to kill a baby before suffocating his six-month-old daughter, a jury heard.

Mark Bruton-Young, 36, an architect, allegedly murdered his daughter, Harriet, after he resented the intrusion of the “unplanned” baby into his married life, Bristol Crown Court heard.

The jury was told he used the search engine Google to research methods of killing his daughter after he failed to bond with her, and blamed her for his marriage problems.

Bruton-Young spent months on a work computer searching for ways to kill, including punching babies in the stomach, cot death, choking and poisoning, before deciding on suffocation, the jury heard.

Paul Dunkels, prosecuting, said: “It is the prosecution’s case that having searched the internet for this information, being overwhelmed with being a father and resenting his child, he killed his daughter Harriet by suffocating her.”

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