Does This Hen Think Its A Penguin?

(Independent) Id-hen-tity crisis

A confused hen in China is having something of an identity crisis – apparently convinced that it is a penguin.

Rather than walk like a normal chicken the peng-hen waddles completely upright with its wings tucked behind on its back. The unusual hen belongs to fisherman Liu Yong, from Jinhu in eastern China’s Jiangsu province.

He comments: “It walks in a weird way from its childhood, differentiating her from others.”
According to Liu, as the hen grows up the difference between it and its peers grows more and more pronounced as it stalks around the yard ramrod straight. Instead of scratching in the ground and roosting on a perch at night, says Liu, the hen walks around “quite arrogantly”.

And while the other chickens are able to fly a little the peng-hen either can’t or won’t.

Quirky China News/ Rex Features

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